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Whose to say you can't have a killer workout sesssion while also being with your best mates? We are big believers that group efforts can really help maximize your training time.  If you are on a team no problem.  We can help your team in a number of unique ways that will help you gain that extra edge you've been looking for. Check out our Tuesday evening Bricks at Bonzai Sports

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Individual training takes on a more personal approach.  We tailor programs to your specific needs and also help by taking the headache out for you.  We specialize in thinking of all the important things so you don't have to stress about them.  Our individual training options will build you up for your specific race asperations and help you achieve your goals.   

For this one we have teamed up with Get Fit For It Training.  Both of us are certified personal Trainers with that will take what you need and want to come up with a balanced workout plan that will eliminate your imbalances.  Speaking from experience, this will really maximize your training.  


Often the most overlooked area, nutrition plays a key role in our sport.  Kacie is a nutritionist who graduated from Cornell University.  She can take all the guess work out of the equation for you and siginficantly improve your race.  With over 5 years of helping athletes of all abilities she has seen on average, a 5% performance gain.

***5% of 1 hour = 3 minutes!!!! 

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