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Welcome to Turnaround Multisports

We Offer Two Types of bike fits:

Bike Fit option #1 - $100

Bike Fit Option #2 - $200



For this option we place you aboard our "Purely Custom" fit bike.  When on the machine we can move you around so you can truly feel what is comfortable and anatomically right for you.  This is truly a dynamic fit and will place you in a custom position that is conducive to your riding needs. 

***This fit includes our cleat alignment which aligns your knees and feet for maximum pedal performance ($50 value).

Fit to your Bike. We place your bike on a Wahoo Kickr and while controlling your resistance, simultaneously capture your body angles on our motion capture software.  Based on your current body angles we will adjust your bike to make it the perfect fit.

To book your appointment today please contact Tylercoquelin@gmail.com

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